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Free Robotic Walking tour The Old Center of Almaty

Free Robotic Walking tour The Old Center of Almaty

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Free Robotic Walking tour The Old Center of Almaty
Free Robotic Walking tour The Old Center of Almaty Услуга
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Duration ― to the discretion of the tourist.

Languages ―  Russian, English.


The peculiarity of this tour is that you pre-load the application on your smartphone or tablet from here: http://izi.travel/en/578f-the-old-center-of-almaty-a-mirror-of-the-history/en  which will be your personal guide-robot. It will show you your location, will make you aware of nearby sights, show pictures and tell the information about them in Russian or English.


To use the robot you don’t need any training, more details are available here: http://centersmarttourism.kz/p7983463-advice-how-travel.html  . The pace, starting time, and the route are chosen personally by the tourist.


If you don't have your own device ― we can provide you with a short-term device rental: http://centersmarttourism.kz/g678203-hire-tablet . This application is already pre-installed and set up to all our tablets.


During a walking tour with a guide-robot, you will learn about eventful history and personalities of Almaty. The appearance of the city harmoniously combines styles, images and characters of past times and events:


The tsarist colonial time

The Communist revolution of 1917

The years of Stalinist repression and industrialization

World War II

Khrushchev's "thaw"

The era of developed socialism and the Brezhnev stagnation,

and the time of independence Contemporary Development.


You will visit and hear stories about the following:

1. Dostyk Hotel, which was built by the Communists at the end of the era of developed socialism and reconstructed as a modern luxury 5* hotel. In the lobby of this building there is our “Center Smart Tourism” office, where our specialists will help you in case of difficulties.



The monument dedicated for A.Margulan ― the founder of kazakh archaeology of XX.



The monument for Ch.Valikhanov ― kazakh enlightener of democracy, ethnographer, specialist in folklore, traveler, explorer of history and culture of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and East Turkestan of the middle of XIX.



Academy of Science ― the center of science and enlightenment of the republic, which was built by japanese prisoners.


The “Oriental Fountain” was built in the second part of XX and represents the Eastern time philosophy.



The monument for A.Pushkin -  the great russian poet, who lived in the period of Imperial Russia.



Monument for T.Shevchenko ukrainian poet of the XIX century, humanist, who was exiled to Kazakhstan by tsarist government.



The Kazakhstan Hotel ― the first tall building in a seismic zone.



The monument for Abay Kunanbayev ― poet, enlightener, humanist, the founder of kazakh literature of the second part of XX.



The Republic Palace ― the hall for concerts and conferences, which was built in 1970 for the 100 Anniversary of Lenin.



The cableway, that connects the city center with Kok-Tube, the maximum height above the sea ― 1727 m, the highest point from the ground ― 80m.



The mount and park Kok-Tobe  , which open the panoramic view to Almaty.




TV-tower ― the tallest tower in a seismic zone above the sea level.



Arman cinema was built in 1967. In 1976 the first 3D film in the republic was shown there. In 2009 awarded as the best cinema in the CIS.




KIMEP ― ex Party School of the Heads of the government,  now ― School of managerial personnel.


Abay street ― central highway of the city, connects the sleeping, entertainment and business districts. The first street with the bike path.


Agrarian Academy ― one of the oldest scientific and research centers, built in the Stalin times in 1930.


Abay metro station ― the deepest station in the city. Its depth is 78 m, and the escalator’s length is 92 m.


Republic Square ― ex New Square, ex Brezhnev Square. The monument of Architecture, opened in 1980. The unique composition was awarded the State Prize of the USSR in 1982.


The monument of Independence, opened in 1996 and represents an ensemble of architectural monuments with the 28 m high sculpture of the “Golden Man” ― an ancient Scythian warrior, buried not far from Almaty.


“Almaly” shopping mall ― a modern underground shopping center occupying 25000 sq.m.


National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the Soviet times was named after Pushkin. Now it contains more than 6.3 mln books.


Russian Drama Theatre, named after Lermontov ― one of the oldest academic theatres, founded in 1934.


State Film and Photo Archive ― founded in 1943, during the Second World War. Represents the gloomy monumentalism of the Stalin years.


The monument M.Tulebayev ― Soviet composer, People's Artist of the USSR and public figure of the middle of the XX century.


Semirechye Fountain ― the symbol of the region, the name comes from the seven crossed rivers in the area: Ili, Karatal, Biyen, Aksu, Lepsy, Baskan, Sarkand.


Museum-House of Auezov ― writer, classic of kazakh literature of the second part of the XX, laureate of USSR Lenin Award.


The Friendship House ― kazakh society of friendship and cultural relations with foreign countries. Was built in 1972. The historical moment ― the collapse of the USSR and the formation of the Сommonwealth of Independent States in 1991.


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