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Courses for Smart Tourists

Courses for Smart Tourists

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Courses for Smart Tourists
Courses for Smart TouristsУслуга
2 500 Тг./час
  • +7777685-85-85
    Оплата за связь
  • +7708488-85-85
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  • +7777685-85-85
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If you have some free time (1-2 hours) on a journey to Almaty and Kazakhstan, then we invite you to visit our express trainings In our center, you have a unique opportunity to gain additional skills and knowledge. We will train you to use tablets and smartphones in your trips and everyday life.


We invite you for our master - class about smart tourism!
In just one lesson you will learn independent and economical tourism witn new technologies. After passing our course you can travel in whole world without guides, translators and maps.
Our classes are in groups of 4 people in Center Smart Tourism lobby of hotel Dostyk on Wednesday and Saturday at 19.00.
The price of our express - course is 2500 tenge for one person.
Take with you smartpnone or the tablet, please!
Registration to our course -  +7 727 2258585; +7 777 6858585





Planning to go abroad or serve the interstate tourists?

Have problems in communication in foreign languages? or with searching the places for sightseeing?

Or suffering from traffic jams?

We invite you to our regular individual express courses to obtain basic or additional skills on operating with a smartphone or tablet, which will solve all the above problems in your trips.


Nothing complicated, no recondite themes ― that’s why not depending on the level of your knowledge of the device and the type of the tablet or smartphone, we can teach you the following:

- which device is it better to take with you in a journey?

-why shouldn’t you  take the laptop?

-how to work with documents, files and photos without a laptop miles away from home?  

-how to choose the most suitable for travelling smartphone or tablet?

-how not to buy a sim card and know your location?

--how to avoid traffic jams with a smartphone?

-how get the necessary information during sightseeing without a guide?

-how to understand unknown language?

-how to understand foreigners and make it possible for them to understand you?

-how to find cheap flights and hotels?

-how to avoid buying a flashcard?

-how not to get lost with an uncharged mobile phone?

-how to deal with almost no internet?

-how not to overpay roaming?


These courses are held by certified Google specialists, who can answer any of your questions and help you with making personal settings of your device.

Courses are in English and Russian languages.

There are no age limitations, and basic knowledge is not necessary.

The courses are available round the clock, so you can come in the evening or at night, if it is comfortable for you.

Courses are held in a comfortable equipped class in a 5-star-hotel Dostyk right in the center of Almaty.

It is necessary to register by call in advance. Registration +7 727 225-85-85

Тип курсовБазовые компьютерные курсы
Стаж преподавателя/наставника2.0(лет)
Дополнительные характеристики
Duration1-2 hours
Cost27 USD per hour
PlaceHotel Dostyk, Almaty Kazakhstan
TimeNo timetable, individaul
Booking by phone hotline , free225 85 85
Booking by Beeline, charged by the operator+7-777-685 85 85
Booking by Altal,charged by the operator+7-708- 488-85-85
Booking by emailinfo@centersmarttourism.com
Booking by skypecentersmarttourism
  • Цена: 2 500 Тг./час