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Free robotic Walking tour "Recent past of Almaty"

Free robotic Walking tour "Recent past of Almaty"

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Free robotic Walking tour "Recent past of Almaty"
Free robotic Walking tour "Recent past of Almaty"Услуга
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  • +7708488-85-85
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Duration ― to the discretion of the tourist.

Languages ― Russian, English.

The peculiarity of this tour is that you pre-load the application on your smartphone or tablet from here: http://izi.travel/en/8c63-recent-past-of-almaty/en  which will be your personal guide-robot.

It will show you your location, will make you aware of nearby sights, show pictures and tell the information about them in Russian or English.


To use the robot you don’t need any training, more details are available here: http://centersmarttourism.kz/p7983463-advice-how-travel.html  . The pace, starting time, and the route are chosen personally by the tourist.Support rond the clock by phone or in office.


If you don't have your own device ― we can provide you with a short-term device rental: http://centersmarttourism.kz/g678203-hire-tablet  . This application is already pre-installed and set up to all our tablets


Transportation ― super modern and comfortable metro


During the walking tour with the guide you will you will see the recent past and its connection with the present of Almaty city. 


You will visit the most famous park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, which is nearby the most ancient orthodox cathedral, monument of Fame for warriors of the World War II,  museum of Kazakh national musical instruments and many other  places. 


You will see the following places with full information about them: 

Dostyk Hotel ― the starting point of the excursion. The hotel was built on the money of communist party, in the end of the era of developed socialism, and was reconstructed into modern five-star luxury hotel. 



.Abay metro station ― the deepest station in the city. Its depth is 78 m under ground. The length of the escalator ― 92 m. 



A trip on modern and comfy metro.



Jibek Joly metro station ― translating from Kazakh language, it means "the Silk Way" ― the name of great trade, that made its way through Kazakhstan in ancient times




The office of Almaty Metro ― the brain and the heart of Almaty subway. The postmodern style building has engineering, 
dispatching premises and offices.




The monument to Baurzhan Momyshuly, participant of the Great Patriotic war and the Battle for Moscow, Hero of the USSR, writer, and theoretician of the military art.



Museum of Kazakh national musical instruments ― a sample of wooden architecture of Vernyi city in the beginning of XX century. There are more than 1000 unique showpieces ― Kazakh, Russian, Uyghur and Dungun musical instruments. 




The house of army, initially the House of Officers and the museum of military history of the World War II.



The eternal flame lit in memory of the victims of the  World War II, and the guard of honor.



Memorial on the Military feats of 28-Panfilov Guardsmen Division.



Ascension Cathedral ― the oldest active Orthodox church lived through many natural and social upheavals. 




The mysterious graves of the old park. 



The monument to Tokash Bokin ― revolutionist and the official of the first years of Soviet regime, whose biography is still completely unknown. 



Arasan Bathhouse ― one of the few, and most likely the only bathhouse complex in modern style built in the USSR.



Almaty Arbat ― a place of meetings and trade shows of artists, street musicians and entertainers.



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